Energy Consulting

The most direct method to reduce emissions resulting from the
consumption of energy is accomplished by economical and rational
use. Although there have been some promising efforts
there are still considerable possibilities left to save energy
  • in every branch of industry
  • in every business
  • in every authority
  • in every municipality.

We analyse and reduce the costs in the fields of
  • heat
  • coldness
  • electrical energy
  • water
  • waste water
  • recyclings.

Only by adequate information and advice potentials made
available by substitution and energy sources may be fully exploited
for results optimized to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Course of action:

  1. Preparation of energy balances and allocation of cost accounts.
  2. Investigation for use of alternative energy sources.
  3. Valuation of energy reservoirs contained in recyclings.
  4. Economics analyses and calculations.

Energy concepts

Individual way of action for

Implementation of energy concepts

Our intention is to disengage you from implementation of in part
very complex projects with innovative technology of high quality.
You can choose:

Energy Purchase


  1. Invesments in new works/buildings
  2. Not low construction costs but low expenses for maintenance and running are decisive for the economic efficiency. This is demonstrated by inspections of buildings while their whole service life. As the owner you are overtaxed by evaluating planning documents of main contractors, architects or services engineers.

    We assist you by attendant controlling

  3. Running of real estates and plants
  4. Evolved structures of authorities and business are often not able to react flexible to cost increases. Cost monitoring by an external consultant recommends itself and leeds to success in most cases.

    Cost reduction can be reached concerning to


    Contracting models:

    1. Full Contracting
      The plants are financed and built or took overby the contractor. Owner is the contractor.
    2. Operation Contracting
      The Client is owner of the plants.
    3. Cooperation Contracting
      Foundation of a owner and/or operation company consisting of contractor, building owner, investor a.o.



    Facility Management

    Facility Management (FM) is an overall, strategic framework for coordinated programs in order to be able to keep buildings including their systems and contents continously in a state of readiness, maintain functional serviceability and to be able to adapt to changing organizational requirements (Euro FM 1988). So FM is an entrepreneurial process, which integrates design, controlling and running of buildings, plants and equipment considering working place and surroundings of work to improve flexibility in use, productivity in work and profitability of capital.

    FM covers:

    Expactations of owners of real estate and plants:

    In this area of tension between performance offer and expactation the placing of orders to fm-services may be often very difficult. Beyond the contract arrangements there has to be on jointly terms between the owner and the contractor founded based on frankness and trust.

    We take it upon to function as a competent and neutral mediator and moderator. The mediator judges objectivly every agreement and every phase of development. Through this the trust basis is growing.

    Our offer of FM-Mediation:

    FM-Mediation will be benefied to the cooperation between owner and contractor and leads to cost saving.